Protokolos experts help businessman and entrepreneurs to smoothly enter international markets. We provide consultancy, guidance and expert video content on international business environments and other domains related to business.

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Protokolos cooperates with businessmen, former ambassadors, investors, mentors, consultants and media correspondents. All are top-notch specialists within their field of expertise.

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Protokolos plays an essential role in choosing the right expert. Whether you need to answer questions related to cultural conventions, law, finance, management or security, we will help you to contact the right expert.

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Our goal is to help you reach the right people and provide you with crucial information that will enable your international business plans to come alive. Your success is our best reference.

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Our expert content comes especially handy when travelling for business. It’s for this reason we developed a mobile app. It provides you with essential information and answers your questions wherever you may be.

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With your registration, you get access to all expert videos, articles and important news. Furthermore, you can always directly consult our regional expert on your project. You can also approach your expert of choice in the country or field of interest with a view towards further cooperation.

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