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Peter Bohov

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Japan, Slovakia


"When dealing with different business cultures you must be respectful of your partner and know the right business etiquette in order to ensure a productive and comfortable relationship. Not only language skills, but understanding and respecting the cultural differences is a key to success. This is what I learned while I was studying and working in Japan."

Unique Business Experience

Trade consulting and trade development services with Central European coverage

Focus on small and medium sized enterprises

Value For Customer

Experienced consultancy with international coverage

High business-culture sensitivity

Tailor-made companies establishment

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Slovak (native), English (fluent), Japanese (fluent)


2005: Japanese language and intercultural communication, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

2004: Law Faculty graduate, Trnava University, Slovakia

2002-2003: Japanese Ministry of Education scholarship, Nagoya University, Japan

1996-1997: Rotary Exchange student to Japan: Sendai Ikuei High School


Since 2006: CEO and founder of Solution Genuine consulting company, Slovakia

2005: EXPO 2005, Nagoya, Japan

2002-2003: Aiga Corporation, Nagoya, Japan