Takashi Yamashita

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Takashi Yamashita

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Unique Business Experience

Services relating to administrative, civil or commercial legal affairs:

Contract practices, advice on successful negotiations and contract review or drafting

Formation of corporate structures, including set-up of corporations, transfer of businesses, establishment of joint ventures and solutions to various issues of merger and acquisition (M&A)

Consulting for overall management of intellectual property

Advising on protection and collection of outstanding trade accounts receivable

Acting as proxy in hearing/explanation procedures and raising an appeal for administrative review in administrative proceedings

Value For Customer

Experienced commercial lawyer committed to:

help and support domestic companies of Japan attempting to launch into overseas markets

help and support overseas companies planning to do business in Japan

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English (fluent)


1973: B.A., double majors in political science and mathematics, Mercer University,

College of Liberal Arts, Macon/ Atlanta/ Savannah, Ga., USA

1976: LL.B., seminars in civil procedural law, Faculty of Law, Chuo University, Tokio, Japan

1993: LL.M., Graduate School of Business Law , The University of Tsukuba,

Tokio, Japan



Since 2011: After more than 26 years’ engagement in corporate legal functions, assumed Advisor for Corporate Legal and Intellectual Property Management, to provide consulting and support in practices for Nippon Refine Co., Ltd., chemical engineering company specialized in recycling waste solvent for environmental protection

2003-2011: Sumida Corporation, manufacturer of coils and other electronic components

(Chief Legal Officer –CLO- to Legal Department engaged in overall management of corporate legal affairs and intellectual property matters, and for the last 2 years as Advisor to the Legal Department involved in providing training and education in legal management to younger generations, and then retired)

Before 2002: Asahi Optical Co., Ltd., manufacturer of cameras, lenses, artificial bones

and other optical instruments

(Assistant Manager to Patent Department engaged in domestic and overseas patent management)

Minebea Co., Ltd., manufacturer of miniature bearings, small PC motors, measurement devices and other electronic apparatuses and components

(Manager to Legal Department engaged in domestic and overseas legal management as well as handling dispute resolution)

Nomura Trading Co., Ltd., long established trading company

(Deputy General Manager to Credit & Legal Department engaged in examination of customers in terms of creditability and managing to secure for maximum collection of claims and collect claims from bad debtors to both domestic and overseas transactions)