Join forces with the knowledge, experience and contact with Protokolos experts

Our experts are working or have worked as professional consultants, entrepreneurs, ambassadors, mentors and media correspondents. Their experience and international market know-how will come in handy when you are in need of relevant information or guidance within your given business environment. Each is an expert in their field and their advice and services are available through Protokolos.

Our experts are also available for long-term cooperation on your project.

Experts for Japan

Peter Bohov

"When dealing with different business cultures you must be respectful of your partner and know the right business etiquette in order to ensu…

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Ondřej Votruba

“Kore ha chotto muzakashii desu ne“ translates directly to “This is a bit complex, isn´t it?“ which in fact is a refusal. I will teach you …

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Takashi Yamashita

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Václav Žaloudek

"A thorought internal decision-making process is both strenght and weakness of Japanese companies. The advantage is that the decision is not…

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Protokolos serves as a middle-man between the user and the expert and helps to finalize the tasks and conditions of cooperation. Protokolos also ensures that all communication and other processes involved lead to mutual satisfaction.