How Protokolos works

Protokolos connects users with experts that have long-term experience with international markets.

Among our experts, you will find professional consultants, entrepreneurs, former ambassadors, mentors and media correspondents who can provide truly reliable advice, information and business connections.

Protokolos will also help you when you are looking for a specialist in a given region who could provide you with a valuable contact within the country of your interest or who might participate in your project on a closer basis.

Protokolos provides expert content via videos, articles, tips and important news from various business markets around the world. All of our content is available on our website and on our mobile app so you have all essential information and advice wherever you happen to be.

How to contact an expert

Protokolos serves as a middle-man between the user and the expert, and helps to finalize the tasks and conditions of cooperation. Protokolos also ensures that all communication and other processes involved lead to mutual satisfaction.

Unregistered user

Unregistered users have some of our expert content available. They see who our experts are but cannot get in touch with them without registration.

Registered user

Registered users have all our expert content available and can download our iOS or Android app to always have Protokolos at their fingertips. As a registered user, you can contact any of our experts at any time.

Closer expert cooperation

Every registered user has the option of cooperating on a much closer basis with our experts. In such cases, Protokolos will tailor the conditions of cooperation depending on the scope of the project.

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Become one of our experts

Anyone can become one of our experts as long as we see that you have profound knowledge of your selected region. It is Protokolos who chooses new members for our expert team. We respect that some of our members may wish to remain anonymous , however, we could still offer your services.

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