Argentina: Negotiating in Argentina

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Argentina is a very specific mixture of nations and despite the fact they all speak Spanish, there is a very strong Italian, South Italian, French, British, German and Spanish influence, and when you mix it all, you get the Argentinian character, people are very self-confident, very proud of their country. At the beginning, it is necessary to act very politely, I would even say in a bit of a reserved way but, in the course of time, the ice starts to break and the relationships between business partners start to develop. It´s never the way that one gains and the other loses ; it´s necessary to always declare what the relationship be like and become “socios“, partners, I think it is completely crucial. Of course, you gradually get to know your business partner´s family, children, family relations, important is also interest in sports, appropriate dress code; a large part of business negotiations takes place in restaurants, social venues, clubs, and it costs time and money but, as I said, if you do succeed, it is an investment that you can then benefit from for decades.

Author of the article: Milan Harmáček
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