Argentina: New beginning, new opportunities

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Argentina is a rather monumental country, a G20 member, however, it is necessary to consider that it has its ups and downs, and in fact, the best position Argentina has ever had was at the end of the World War II when it was a true world power; since then, it has been oscillating between totalitarian regimes, regimes practicing frauds and a bit of quite acceptable, functioning democracies. In the last twelve years, the country was heavily left-oriented and there were many frauds but fortunately, Mauricio Macri who came to power on December 15th, 2015, is a relatively enlightened president; right now he is in Davos, trying to get the country back on its feet together with the world leaders, which means to bring its rating from seven higher up, to attract capital to the country, to simplify the movement of goods and the foreign-currency system; at present, Argentina is a country that is worth being focused on, it is a very potential market of forty million people and, mainly, it is an unexploited raw-material base, an industrial country, an agricultural country, so don´t hesitate and come to Argentina.

Author of the article: Milan Harmáček
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