China: Before you start in China

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An entrepreneur interested in the Chinese market should start with a research which I usually offer in the frame of an entry workshop during which I meet the management representatives of the company or the holder of the leading idea and together, we create a consolidated offer, find the optimal version of how to present the business plan and how to find Chinese partners, how to come to a mutual understanding within the different ways of thinking because Chinese partners are very dynamic and very variable which is very often a pitfall for mutual cooperation. Therefore, the entry workshop focuses on what the Czech entity offers, on what the situation is like in a particular area of the Chinese market, on the conditions for the entry, on what the usual behaviour of Chinese partners is like and what their expectations are. This way, you can avoid a large number of mistakes, errors and misunderstandings which can also occur because of word-for-word translations of websites or the offers from Czech or English to Chinese without considering other consequences, such as factual accounts and cultural habits in China.

Author of the article: Vít Vojta
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