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My name is Vít Vojta, I am a sinologist, an ethnologist and a lawyer and I am active in consultancy and education focused on China. Since1989, I have been going on work and study stays to China; so far it has been more than a hundred different work travels and stays. I focus on presentation activities which means presenting Czech companies so that they can be more easily comprehended by Chinese partners who can then get a better understanding of the essence of what the Czech companies offer. In addition to that, I devote myself to the market analyses which I prepare in the form of entry workshops for Czech partners and on the basis of which , we are then able to prepare the Czech partners´ own offers, presentations, next steps, procedures of cooperation with their partners in the way that the path is as easy and efficient as possible, and that both sides avoid unnecessary mistakes and prejudices.

Author of the article: Vít Vojta
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