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My name is Karel Havlíček, I have been doing business since 1990. I am currently a co-owner and CEO of Sindat Group, an industrial and research oriented group of small and medium-sized companies. Since the beginning of our existence of almost twenty-five years, we have exported into a hundred various countries. In fact, we have done business in all important countries that you can think of, not as investors but as traders, we supplied our goods in the field of finalized chemistry, technical textile, various small industrial plants, etc.

I have been defending interests of small and medium companies in the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Companies and Entrepreneurs of the Czech Republic which I am the head of and also promoting small and medium-sized companies in the academic sphere – as the head of the Faculty of Economic Studies at the University of Finance and Administration in Prague.

Simply said, the whole of my professional life, I am interested in small and medium companies, not only from the practical point of view and defending their interests but also in transfer of knowledge and experience into the academic field.

Author of the article: Karel Havlíček
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