China: Why it is important to learn Chinese

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The thing that is also important to mention is that China has, and probably will still have for long, a problem with English. It´s that 1.4 billion inhabitants speak Chinese and it is not simple, particularly in the regions which I mentioned, to teach everyone English. We often meet representatives of universities with some twenty-thousand students and we find out that such universities, very modern and even enabling students to travel abroad, to study in Europe and in America, only have two teachers of English out of which the better one is at the level of a high-school teacher of English here. It is a big problem and considering it, I am firmly convinced that capable literate people with a bit of opportunity should start learning Chinese. I don´t mean them to capture Chinese in an excellent and fluent way as it is a language that is not quite easy for people in my country, it is a process for many years but, on the other hand, if you start gradually with a simple monolingual dictionary, it means you will not start directly to learn signs which is something that would discourage people, but you will start with pinyin, you will start gradually to tune the tones, something very important in the Chinese language, you gradually add signs and you start to perceive the language also from the philosophical point of view because learning Chinese is not only about learning words, signs, tones but also about learning history and philosophy of the world view of “The empire of the centre“, so people with such knowledge will have a huge advantage. And it is not about the ability to do business or to negotiate absolute details. It is enough if you are able to introduce yourself and to introduce the company or the institution you represent, to say a couple of words and you can be sure, and I can confirm that, that you, almost unbelievably, win your partners in China over to your side. They can appreciate it very much, and, of course, they are quitecareful and pay attention to what they say so you do not understand, in short, they respect you more, they accept you more which brings you both, political and business advantages.

Author of the article: Karel Havlíček
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