Cuba: End of the embargo (?)

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It´s a truly outstanding matter, there are current news on lifting the embargo but I dare to say that Cuba has not been and is not affected by embargo. The whole problem of Cuba lies in the fact that the country is not able to create a substantial amount of financial means for which it could import goods. Even under the current “embargo“, the United States are the fourth largest trade partner of Cuba and the truth is they refuse to deliver high-tech products to Cuba but when it comes to the importation of food, medical and healthcare products, the USA are the fourth largest partner, plus, of course, Cuba can buy anything in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan which shows that they are not harmed by embargo. It is rather a matter of the media in which both, the U.S. as well as the Cuban administration, seek political support and , in addition to that, Cuba needs an investor so they hope it could be the U.S.A. because Venezuela, the Big Brother, went broke and Cuba cannot expect to be subsidized by them anymore.

Author of the article: Milan Harmáček
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