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Good morning, my name is Ondřej Votruba, I have a close relationship to Japan; between 2002 and 2005, I worked at the Japanese government agency JETRO supporting business and investments, it was at its Prague branch. It was my first meeting with Japan then, I didn´t know it before, however, I immediately fell in love with Japanese business culture, Japanese spirit and working with Japanese in general, I started to learn Japanese, with difficulties in the first years but it changed in the moment I visited Japan the first time for a business trip in December 2004. I was impressed and I realized that I would like to try to live and work in Japan. My dream became true, I joined the agency for business and investments support CzechInvest, I won the competition for the director of the Japanese office and I left for Yokohama in 2006. I worked there, including moving the office to Tokyo to the Czech Embassy in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, where I worked for six years. I negotiated with many Japanese clients; I attracted tens of them to the Czech Republic. Whereas I had a Japanese boss, Japanese colleagues and Japanese clients in JETRO, at CzechInvest I had a Japanese assistant, many Japanese colleagues and Japanese partners and business partners with whom we organized seminars, business missions to Europe, etc. Then I came back to the CzechInvest head office in February 2012, after several positions I was appointed the Director General. In all those years, positions, the work with Japanese clients was not perhaps on my daily agenda but I was meeting each week a client, Japanese Ambassador, Trade Counsellor or other Japanese partners. It is possible to speak about Japanese business culture, its habits, investments, business success and economic growth for hours, there are interesting stories leading to success because Japanese economy, after World War II, reached the second position in the world, now it is on the third position after China but it shows stable growth, strength and the highest technological level worldwide.

Author of the article: Ondřej Votruba
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