Japan: The first thing you should know about Japan

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A Czech businessman, generally a foreigner coming to Japan with the intention to enter the market, get new contracts or to set up his own company or anything else, should be prepared for several things. If I should mention five basic thinks which he should know beforehand and for which he should be prepared, both mentally and physically, technologically, it is, first, to be equipped by a substantial stock of business cards. You are nobody without business cards in Japan. You need business cards ideally in Japanese, each name, first name and family name, can be written in Japanese language, in katakana, one of the Japanese alphabets used to transcript foreign names. The best is to have business cards directly in Japanese with first and family name in katakana because the Japanese can sometimes have problems with pronunciation, they don´t know how to pronounce the name in the foreign language which is logical, or they do know but they cannot pronounce itand katakana can help them. In addition, as I mentioned, if you don´t have business cards, you are nobody which means that it is necessary to distribute the cards on every occasion, otherwise the potential business partner cannot recognize you and will forget you. This is one thing.

Author of the article: Ondřej Votruba
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