Etiopie: Expert´s introduction

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My name is Olivier Poujade, and right now I work as a consultant at East Africa Gate, Ethiopia; we advice European businesses how to invest in Ethiopia, and we also support a certain amount of European national institutions for the foreign-trade development, such as Flanders Investment and Trade but also Business France in France and Finco in Finland.

We started our business three years ago because we received several requests from European businesses to understand better the market and how to come to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a booming country and economy so it attracts a lot of interest but the system is difficult and the people don´t know how to penetrate it – and we are here to help them. Before that, we gathered a lot of experience in Southeast Asia; we are running a similar model in terms of promoting business in Ethiopia. I myself spent eight years in Vietnam before coming here and for the past three years, we have been working not only with private investors but also for the Ethiopian government to create business-friendly environment and therefore we created a network that is beneficial to our customers.

Author of the article: Olivier Poujade
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