United Arab Emirates: Personal contact to the emir

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In the Arab world, a large number of things happens outside your scope of business. For example, you sell cars but you will try to attract the attention of the sovereign or of your partner with something else. In case of sovereigns we know, perhaps everyone knows that in the Arab world, the biggest admiration for which people at this level are willing to spend everything, is a true Arab horse or a falcon, a bird. They are really willing to spend fortune for them. And when I was invited for two weeks from the Emirates ‘emir, Sheikh Soltan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, when he invited me to his palace, then I knew why I am invited and I knew that they also want to present their achievements in the desert regarding water and their vision and regarding the fact that I am involved in modern biotechnologies and our focus is on water and water cleaning of sewage water up to the level of drinking water, so we opened the topic. Then we spoke about culture and education. These were the topics I used. I had advantage which I was not aware of: several years before, I met a person who appeared to be an ordinary citizen but he was the son of the sovereign. Thanks to him I got the invitation and I have had possibility to communicate with those people and we have been organizing an annual gathering of royal families on the first September weekend for fourteen years.

Author of the article: Miloš Janů
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